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Yesterday Aster said, "Well, this is probably the last warm day." This said with a sense of impending doom and despair. "You said that about ten times last fall," I reminded him. "No, really," he said standing and looking at on his computer's monitor.

And indeed, today is cold and rainy. The bathroom window was cracked open and the air seeping in was icy and wet. The sky is a flat grey and the view from the back of the house extremely fore-shortened but the trees are orange, yellow and brownish orange, lightly peppered with the green evergreens which will remain through the winter.

Aster can't stand the cold and the dark of the winter. Biologically, physically, he's not made to deal with it. We learned yesterday that barometric pressure can cause migraines and he has them often and we wondered about the weather and his migraines and his misery throughout the winter and whether weather is more of a connection that we have even acknowledge.
Oops, the flat grey sky has broken and the some white fluffy clouds are suddenly moving across the sky, hints of blue and one can actually see the horizon!