Posted by Womomma on 3:01 PM

I hung up on him, technically. I had emailed Aster (wonderful husband of 29 years) saying I wish he hadn't gotten upset about something I had said. He's been traveling for more than a week and he's exhausted and worn out and full of well deserved self-pity for being on the road. He had taken offense and I had felt bad but after thinking about it, although it wasn't worth any big deal to iron out, I wanted to share some of my thoughts with him. I felt I had said something supportive, I MEANT it supportively and he took offense at it. I had taken the offense in stride and tried to make up for it but why should I? Shouldn't he know that I am grateful for the life he provides us, for the fact that I can work very part time and that I understand how hard he works? I do show it, I do share it. So he said, on the phone, nicely, really, "I think you've blown this out of proportion." I said, "I'm not that upset about it but I wanted to explain that I didn't think you should be upset about it". And from there to the hang up is blur, except, he fought me on it and was angry with me after saying I was blowing it out of proportion. I tried to zero in on my feelings, which were "Just say that you hear me and understand me." to "You never acknowledge that you even hear me and understand me when you disagree." I realize I was begging him to just say "I HEAR YOU!" Obviously there was more to this than met the eye..more than I realized, more than he realized. "Oh I never say I understand you, " he repeated several times with increasing anger and...and..I hung up.

A follow up email has not been responded to.