Posted by Womomma on 1:14 PM

So, here I am, middle aged woman, mother and wife. I have been married for 29 years, together with said gentleman, Aster, for 33 years! We have three children: Rose, 22, Magnolia (Nola for short), aged 18 and Jack, aged 15. Rose just graduated from college, Nola just went to college and Jack is a high school sophmore.

I have done everything from working more than full time and having a more than full time nanny to working from home to very part time work and now, wanting and needing more work..both from a personal point of view but also from a financial perspective as well. I can pretty well say that I understand all the different options a woman can have in the workforce. Albeit, I have been extraordinarily lucky to have a supportive husband who has also had the good fortune and ability to let me have these options over the years. Hopefully, it has been beneficial for the family as a whole for me to have been home more than not.It's hard now though, with the economy the way it is, savings disappearing in the stock market and us getting older and wistfully thinking about our options disappearing for an early retirement.