Posted by Womomma on 1:16 PM

"You're Awfully Perky This Morning." (rolled eyes, annoyed face)
"You're awfully perky this morning this morning." Rose said this morning while standing in the kitchen. It wasn't a compliment.

I had just finished telling her about an article about Sarah Palin in the New York Times (she was a shy wall-flower as a child but high school basketball may have changed her life), an amazing endorsement of Barack Obama in the New York Times that I thought she should read and an interesting article about placebos in healthcare today. The sun was streaming into the kitchen, which I had neatened so that when Aster came down (after being away all week) the place would look nice. Jack was at school and Rosie had a double shift at the restaurant lined up.

Rose's long orange hair was messily (from sleep) but luxuriously bundled atop her head. Strands stuck out and hung down around her faintly freckled cheeks. Stunning. A halo of sunlight through her hair. Stunning. And yet, she was snarling at me for my early morning enthusiasm. I could hear in the silence between us that I had in fact been rattling along without taking a read from her..assuming she would share my interest and excitements. The morning was too beautiful to be upset. She's never been a morning person, neither she nor Jack nor Aster are. Nola doesn't mind. But Rose is 22, she lives at home after being at school for four years, she off to waitress for 12 hours, she just came home from seven weeks walking across Spain and here I am asking her to read some interesting articles in the New York Times. She'd rather find them herself.